More than just a Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Cookie Notice plugin for WordPress

WP Total Track integrates WordPress sites with multiple web-analytics, A/B testing and optimization tools. Oh, and it includes a GDPR compliant cookie notice too.

Powerful Integrations

Get 360° view on your traffic via advanced integrations with:

Google Analytics

Robust link tracking, cross domain & browser tracking, custom events, dimensions & metricks and (much) more

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Facebook Pixel

Custom event tracking, click & search tracking, subscription signup tracking, URL tracking and more

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Analyze recodrings of your visitors visits, their click & mosue movement heatmaps, and ask them for feedback.

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Fathom Analytics

Track clicks in your cookie notice and learn how many of your users block Google analytics and use ad-blocks.

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User session recordings and A/B testing with granular targetting, form analytics and session tagging.

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See the roadmap with planned future integrations and features

Unique Features

Nobody else offers this set of features.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Notice

No hassle. No looking for extra plugins. Click and it works.


Easy to modify

Traffic exclusion


It's kinda big deal for...


WP Total Track will save you time on configuring advanced tracking - use it out of the box.

WP Total Track improves the quality of tracked data, fixes most common issues of tracking scripts, expands their features, handles middle-mouse-clicks and improves user engagement tracking*.

* Applies to specific tracking solutions. Learn more in their features lists.


With WP Total Track you will never have to sweat over integrating tracking scripts, retrieving data from the database and sending it in correct format, time and way.

You will never again have to look for tracking plugins that work well with a cookie notice plugin.

Your site will not slow down with multiple tracking plugins that collect the same data and only send it to different places.

Site owners

WP TOTR integrates multiple tracking solution so that you can choose the ones that fit your needs. Remember that Google Analytics is not your only option.

Track advanced statistics without waiting for your developer.

Be GDPR compliant with true opt-in functionality in cookie notice.

Use geolocation to show cookie notice only in countries where it is necessary.

WP Total Track is almost ready!

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